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Building Stone Magazine, founded by the Building Stone Institute (BSI) – now the Natural Stone Institute – is the trusted source of natural stone information for architects, landscape architects and interior designers. Now an exclusive, in-house publication of the Natural Stone Institute, Building Stone Magazine’s editorial and visually inspiring photography of stone installations, provide a direct portal of necessary stone awareness and technical resources to benefit the decision makers who impact our built environment.

Natural stone – by definition – is a natural and sustainable building product. Readily desired for its aesthetic beauty, its versatility in use, enduring life cycle, low maintenance and 100% recyclable qualities substantiate natural stone as a preferred green building product. The members of the Natural Stone Institute will communicate through Building Stone Magazine how our industry operates in an environmentally, socially & economically responsible manner to further promote natural stone’s green attributes that extend beyond LEED points recognition. Our goal is to effectively communicate the benefits of natural stone to those who ultimately will make design and product selections that support a healthier, more sustainable environment.


Next Issue:

The next issue of Building Stone Magazine will be distributed in Fall 2021. Editorial will feature: award winning natural stone project case studies; a study of the environmental impacts from the manufacturing processes of natural stone compared to other frequently used building materials; a story of design, dignity and healing that extends beyond the building; and more. 

Our fall 2021 edition will be hosted on a new digital platform offering advertisers enhanced promotional capabilities and expanded reach.

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